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Webified Desktop Apps vs Browser-based Apps September 20, 2006

Posted by Hank Wallace in Web 2.0.

“Webified Desktop Apps” are the natural evolution of desktop apps with connectivity and bandwidth, just as MMORPGs are of single player games. It’s not about central storage, it’s about data movement. I want my data to travel with me wherever I go. Every storage device (desktop, handheld, server space) is a cache that needs to be transparently and intelligently managed, each with its own storage and bandwidth characteristics. We require effortless replication but also good conflict management and merge, the latter problem being mostly ignored in the current technology.

Source: Webified Desktop Apps vs Browser-based Apps

This is a wonderful quote. I am convinced that the right approach is to produce connected (or webified) desktop applications that synchronize data. Users want to have access to their data from any location, but don’t want to give up the rich client experience.

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