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WPF Book Comparison May 2, 2007

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Don Box writes about the coding horror comparison of Charles Petzold and Adam Nathan’s books on WPF. He expresses an opinion similar to mine regarding technical books in general and Charles Petzold’s book specifically.

I purchased the Petzold book and the Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths book and prefer the latter by a large margin. It’s not due to color or anything Charles refers to as PowerPoint-like. It’s because of the early emphasis on XAML and the way it describes the core concepts. I, like Don, want to read the shortest book that introduces the technology and is more “to the point”.

Many years ago, I was asked if I had interest in writing a book by one of the well-known publishers. I wanted to write a book that could have been called “Effective Visual Basic” (yes, this was a while ago..). I started discussions about the content, but decided not to continue when they asked me to increase the number of expected pages from 250 to 500+. They didn’t think anyone would buy a $25 book (that was the norm at the time) that was shorter than 500 pages. I wanted “to the point” and they wanted WEIGHT. Is this still an issue that authors have to fight?

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