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Why Customers Will Love Agile February 29, 2008

Posted by Hank Wallace in Agile, Product Management.

Tom Hollander, from the Patterns and Practices Group at Microsoft, writes why your customers will love agile (even if they think they hate it). The Agile process is fairly new in my company and one of the challenges is to raise awareness of the benefits for groups outside of engineering.

Some key points from Tom’s post:

  • Customers may fear agile projects because they are used to being promised a fixed scope on a fixed date with a fixed budget, but agile projects never promise this.
  • An agile project requires as much, if not more, discipline as waterfall projects. It’s a much different type of discipline though.
  • The role of product management is critical for an agile project.
  • A customer will have to make important decisions throughout the project.
  • An agile project has more chance of delivering business value.
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