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Interesting Finds: March 12, 2008 March 12, 2008

Posted by Hank Wallace in Linkroll.

MSDN – Guidelines: Designing with Windows Presentation Foundation
CodeProject – Creating an Outlook Navigation Pane using a WPF TabControl
MSDN – New Release of the Windows SDK
OnStartups – Business Lessons from Blue Man: The Why To Guide
The Best Article Every Day – 20 Websites That Made Me A Better Web Developer

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1. The “Why To” Manual - Wayne Allen's Weblog - August 7, 2008

[…] Hank Wallace turned me on to a post by Allison Shapira where she summarizes a key point from Rob Walker’s writeup of the Blue Man Group – the “Why To” manual.This “Actors’ Journal” is not so much a how-to manual as a why-to manual; it’s not about stage directions, but rather tells the story of the show step by step, from the point of view of the Blue Men. As a decoding and deconstruction of Blue Man’s at-times baffling, even mystical behavior, it’s a fascinating document, thick with references to everything from Being There to George Bernard Shaw to Robert Motherwell to the caves of Lascaux. Some explanations are straightforward — “The Blue Men are not aliens” — and others are more subtle, as when the trio’s harmonic “three as one” relationship is described in terms of “blesh,” a mix of blend and mesh borrowed from Theodore Sturgeon’s science fiction novel More Than Human.What would a “Why To” manual look like for a development team? Published Thursday, August 07, 2008 10:36 AM by iclemartin Filed under: Development […]

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