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Interesting Finds: November 20, 2008 November 20, 2008

Posted by Hank Wallace in Linkroll.

Dave Weinberger – Tech community party in Boston
Nick Bradbury – The Value of Automated Error Reporting
Tim Sneath – WPF Developers: PDC Wrap-Up and Visual Studio Tooling Update
Greg Duncan – Vista Bridge (v1.3) available on MSDN Code Gallery
Greg Duncan – Saving/Exporting your XAML Canvas to an Image/Bitmap/PNG
Greg Duncan – Lucene.Net Resource List – Books, links and API’s, oh my…
Karl Shifflett – XAML Power Toys Released for WPF and Silverlight
OnStartups – Winps Wait. Revolutionaries Release Early.
Brad Abrams – What Does that .NET Namespace Mean: System.* and Microsoft.*
Davy Brion – Agile Development Going Downhill?
Chris Sells – tvrss.net + uTorrent + FiOS + WHS + 360 = DVR Bliss
JD Meier – Software Architecture Best Practices at a Glance
Nitoc3 – Circular Progress Indicator


1. tojarrett - November 21, 2008

Good to have you back blogging. Are you going to the tech community party?

2. Hank Wallace - November 21, 2008

Thanks. I started to feel guilty about not posting in so long. Similar to the guilt about not running, etc. I haven’t decided about the party yet. What do you think about it?

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