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An Agile Conversation (should be Where are the Simple Tools?) October 16, 2009

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Ted Neward wrote "Agile is treading the symptoms, not the disease" and talks about the need for a simpler development tools. I don’t understand why he is mixing Agile and the complexity of the current technology stack together – they seem like separate issues to me. Regardless, it is a thought provoking read.

Phil Haack wrote "Software Externalities" as a response and Ted follows up with a response to his response (who’s on first?).

Phil makes an interesting point: Agile is less about managing the complexity of an application itself and more about managing the complexity of building an application.

Ted’s response to Phil is great.

End users will always use a simple tool to build what they need. How many Excel “applications” have you seen? They used Excel because that is what they knew, not what they thought would be the best tool. You can’t expect them to start with .NET, VS2008, nHibernate, etc.

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