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Driving me to Mac? March 14, 2012

Posted by Hank Wallace in Uncategorized.

Microsoft recently released their Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I installed it to a virtual machine using VMware and spent all of 10 minutes looking at it, but something just doesn’t feel right about it. I’m a developer (most of the time) and don’t want any part of their touch-based startup screen. I dismissed the thought and went back to real work.

Today I saw How Real People Will Use Windows 8. My first reaction was to laugh, but this points to a real problem that Microsoft needs to address. In my opinion, there is a real difference between the user experience of a desktop OS and a tablet/smartphone OS. While touch is a nice addition, I doubt that many users will use touch on their desktops. This “mode” switch required in Windows 8, if not changed, will result in their newest OS being a failure for most users.

Microsoft is in real trouble. Are they trying to drive me to a Mac?

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