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Interesting Links: May 2, 2008 May 2, 2008

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leastprivilege.com – P2P and WCF: Exposing a Service and P2P and WCF: Finding a Service and P2P and WCF: Registering a Service
Tom Hollander – Thoughts on being a Solution Architect
Tim Anderson – Vista SP1 vs Server 2008 as a desktop OS: more comparisons
Robert Pittenger – Building ASP.NET Web Pages Dynamically in the Code-Behind
Scott Hanselman – Hack: Parallel MSBuilds from within the Visual Studio IDE
mpuleio – Smart Client Software Factory – April 2008 Release is available on MSDN
Ambrose – Creating Software is Not Like Building
Dave Jansen – Handling Fault Contracts
Kirk Allen Evans – Calling Web Services via AJAX – Part 2

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